All Kids, Our Kids

all kids our kids

All Kids, Our Kids (AKOK) is a countywide movement dedicated to building stronger, more resilient children and youth by creating positive, caring and supportive schools and communities through positive youth development. Positive Youth Development (PYD) is a research based framework that has been embraced by schools, communities, organizations and social service providers across California to promote school and community collaboration and change the ways adults interact with youth. Caring relationships, high expectations and opportunities for meaningful participation are the three common sense principles that guide this work. Research shows that when children and youth experience these three critical “assets” amongst their peers and in their home, school and community, they are more likely to succeed academically and less likely to engage in risk-taking behaviors. 

Caring Relationships High Expectations Meaningful Opportunities and Participation

Positively supporting young people requires collaborations between schools, organizations, businesses, social service agencies and communities. No single organization can work in isolation. This is why All Kids, Our Kids uses a cross-sector, collaborative approach to building a common language, framework and data collection rooted in principles of Positive Youth Development. Our approach is four fold:

  • Collect county-wide data about positive youth supports through the California Healthy Kids Survey’s Resiliency and Youth Development Module on an annual basis
  • Provide training to schools and communities in order to help build awareness of positive youth development and establish a common language and approach
  • Support schools, community organizations and social service agencies in data driven, strategic planning to create more positive and caring schools and communities